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Shenbei Circuit Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd, founded in 2001, is a professional PCB company integrated the development, production and marketing,with an existing plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, Products are widely used in communications, medical devices, aviation, military products, testing instruments, cars, computer peripheral products, security products, consumer electronics ,colleges and other scientific and technological fields.
We have two production bases in Sichuan and Shenzhen, and 5 sales service departments in Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai ,Wuhan and Chengdu.The entire peripheral PCB supply chain integrity, convenient procurement of raw materials, PCB talent aggregation, fast logistics and complete supporting facilities of absolute advantages, it provides the basic guarantee for the accurate delivery date.
Based on the solid foundation of board manufacturing for more than 20 years, Our company possess the industry's advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, and the materials used are first-line brands in the industry,with strong engineering support, we have obtained more than 100 technical patents, in-depth grasp of high-frequency board manufacturing, FPC flexible board manufacturing, Rogers mixed-pressure manufacturing, electrical thick metal process manufacturing and other technological advantages.
Our company have provided 160,000 customers with high-quality PCBA and rapid delivery services, we have earned good reputation and trust from clients home and abroad since the establishment of it.

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